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Friday, May 15, 2015


Ming is out at game night with the Workers.  I didn't feel like something loud.  I imagined going upstairs to the prayer room while they played cards.  But I thought that might be too weird.

So here I am home alone drinking cold brew tea and relaxing.  I'm still recovering from the houseguest's company.  A wok he bought is on the desk as well as a fan made of feathers.  Not sure what to do with these things.

I made some refrigerator oatmeal.  That's kind of like cold brew tea but with oatmeal.  I like putting powdered peanut butter in mine.  It mixes way better than regular peanut butter.

I think that's pretty weird too.  Most people don't spend their Friday nights in quite this way.  But I love my life and today's coolness.  The windchimes chime--I've learned to enjoy them.


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