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Sunday, May 31, 2015

dystopian grading factory dream, one of many

The other day--the day we went to the Mt Everest restaurant where we had the best Indian food in Las Vegas--we went to this Mexican grocery store called Mariana's.  The produce was so cheap.  I got tres leches cake, and Ming got flan.

But at the checkout, among the impulse buys, there was a deck of cards.  I was curious about it, so Ming bought it for me.  The suits are coins, swords, cups, and some weird clubs.  I will post a pic for you later.  The clubs look like diseased squashes.  I don't understand them.

We haven't played a game with them yet.  We are so busy, too busy.  We need more downtime.

Last night I dreamt I was working at a grading factory with Ming.  They offered us a promotion, but we couldn't get a straight answer about whether it came with a raise.  But it was way more hours.

Then we were at a dining commons with Korean food and nothing was vegetarian except some meaty-looking popsicles.  I asked if they could make us some sushi (it was Korean with sushi) just cucumber or avocado, and they said no.  It was dystopian and bad.


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