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Saturday, May 02, 2015

gender trouble

This morning we served then bought juice.  I needed decaf Constant Comment, but the store we went to (our best bet) didn't have any!  Arg!

So we came home and ate breakfast and I ordered some online from this herb company in Korea.

But I bought this cherry flavored tea and am drinking some right now.  It tastes like Kool-Aide without the sugar, which is great.

After breakfast, we went to St James for this fest they were having.  I wanted to see the books at the book sale.  We ended up buying Ming a pair of shorts as well.  And we ate rice & beans, drank strawberry horchata, and ate some potatoes and corn.

Sorry this is turning into a list.

1.  serving
2.  store
     a.  juice
     b.  tea frustration
3.  internet shopping
     a.  tea satisfaction
4.  St James
     a.  books
     b.  shorts
     c.  foods
          i.  rice & beans
          ii.  horchata
          iii.  potatoes
          iv.  corn

Then I read upcoming events listings on the library website and found a soap making workshop in June that Ming and I want to attend.  She was fine with me signing up, but when Ming wanted to sign up, she acted like we were weird.  Is there something wrong with a man making soap?  Is that it?


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