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Thursday, April 30, 2015


Today Ming went on a tour of the Nevada National Security Site, aka the test site.  Ming went with a few United Statesians, but mostly a bus full of Japanese.  I didn't want to go because it's an all day thing and I'd be stuck in the bus for hours and hours with very emotional subject matter.

So I spent the day with friends.  We served the hungry, peace vigiled at the federal building, had a poetry group meeting, ate lunch, and baked banana bread.  It was fun.

Now I'm home alone drinking cold brew blackberry green tea.

We sprouted some garbanzo beans, and I learned the trick that that only need 24 hours--12 hours soak, 12 hours sprout.  I tried a few and they're good.  I want to make hummus out of them.  It will be my first time making a raw hummus.


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