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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Citizens of the World

After lots of hard work and two postal rejections, we finally got the bulletin mailed.  Yay!  Ming did so much and there was a lot of frustration with forms and tape--red tape and regular tape.  We had to retape all 1293 bulletins.

But we learned a lot.  And I got vegan rice nog at Whole Foods.

Meanwhile, my friend V sent me two songs she wrote--I can memorize them to sing with her at Creech next week.  They are "Citizens of the World" and "For Peace's Sake."

I had coffee this morning and the wired feeling is still with me.  I had been down, but I feel better today.  I told a friend in a letter that caffeine makes me feel weird, but maybe weird is better than depressed.

Some Catholic ladies are crocheting plastic mats out of plarn for homeless people to sleep on.  So J and I went this morning as representatives from the Catholic Worker and learned how to make the balls of plarn.  There are 72 strips to a ball.  We will make the balls and other people will do the crocheting.  The mats are huge, six feet long.

Then J and I went to Roberto's for lunch.  It was fun to talk.  I told her how I feel like I can be myself around her and she's not going to judge me harshly.  And how it feels right when I'm with her and I feel happy around her.  She said she feels happy around me too.  It was a lovey dovey moment but real.  I am so glad to be in community with her.


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