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Saturday, October 17, 2015


This morning just after 7 our houseguest hugged us goodbye and drove away.  She of the nice skirts and distinctive handwriting.

Then we went to the Worker where I saw my friend JZ who is one of my favorite people on this earth.  He is a gentle and kind person and old now.  He has a walker and seems fragile.  I know he remembered me, but I don't know if he remembered my name.  We shared a good hug.

Then we had a meeting.  It was funny and okay.  G referred to our house as Ming's house, and I made a gesture like my feelings were hurt.  Everybody laughed.

After the folding party last night we had vegan ice cream--our payment was in vegan ice cream.  I found the vegan gluten-free cookie dough intriguing.  It was pretty delicious too.

Now Ming is out at the tomato test garden helping with a root cellar.  Later we'll go to this book fest.  G is tabling with his printing equipment.  I need to transcribe the interview I did with him.

And that's my life as of 8:49 am.


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