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Wednesday, October 07, 2015

reportback on community dinner

Dinner last night earned high praise.  Everything came together.  I would have preferred more texture to the rice.  The rice was kind of mush.  And I made too much of everything.  There were only eight of us.  And people didn't eat many strawberries.  But otherwise, perfect vegan meal for community dinner.

This morning we went out to the goddess temple.  We sang all 20 verses of Ya Devi.  We enjoyed the temple and kissed.  Then we had tea with our priestess friend C.  Oh, and we went for a walk and found an orange bucket.  It was a perfectly fine bucket.  Ming picked up trash and put it in the bucket.

Youtube plays me the stupidest ads that have nothing to do with my interests.  But what of my interests can be marketed to?  I don't see very many zine commercials.

There was a storm and a cool reprieve.  Now tomorrow it's back up to the 90s.  I gave leftover strawberries to a friend who didn't make it to dinner last night.  I put them in a pretty blue plastic bowl.


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