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Saturday, October 03, 2015

two poems

Last night we went to an event to support our friends who were the stars of the event.  It was a practice for something that will be presented in two weeks at the Parliament of World Religions.

It was at a venue I didn't like.  Someone hugged me without my permission and it felt creepy.  There was wine, and a drunk person bothered me from a distance.  The entrance fee was supposed to be a donation and a "love offering" but was required, which pissed me off.

It was fun to see our friends, but the introduction by the person who runs the place creeped me out too.  I don't like the way love = money to them.  And I don't like the way everyone seemed rich but us.

Overall it was too many people and too much.  There was a ton of food I didn't want to eat, we don't drink, and I got the feeling that the "love offering" was mostly to cover the food and wine, which was stupid.

I'm trying to think of something good to tell you in an attempt to counterbalance all my complaining.  Yesterday the interview with my friend J went well.  I will start transcribing it today.

Yesterday I worked on a new poetry zine.  I finished a draft, but there's always the need for a cover.

Oh, and I wrote two poems yesterday.  I sent them to my bestie, who liked both.


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