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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

soup is an art, not a science

I printed a shit-ton of fliers for Las Vegas Icarus Project, and now I need to figure out somewhere to leave them besides Rainbow's End and the Beat.  They're bright yellow.

I've been wanting to make vegan cream of potato soup with nutritional yeast in it.  I looked at some recipes and decided I can go with my instincts. 

Have you ever tried cashew milk?  We bought some for guests and I never tried it.  But I want to.

Today we walked to the post office, which was nice though I felt vulnerable.  I sent some zines to Switzerland.  

Then we stopped at the newish El Pollo Loco looking for something vegetarian.  "Do you have anything vegetarian?" I asked the worker, and she said the under 500 menu, but everything on it had chicken, which was confusing.

But that'll teach me to go looking for vegetarian food at a restaurant with chicken in its name.


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