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Thursday, December 03, 2015

hot springs revisited

Yesterday Ming served.  Then we went to Tecopa to the hot springs.  We soaked twice and thought about a third time.  The second dip we were in a different pool than usual and it was too hot for me.

Then we went to China Ranch for date shakes and Ming took a walk on the mesa.  I saw him up there while I sat in the car writing a letter to my penpal D.

Then I wasn't feeling well, and Ming drove us home.  They were nice drives full of quiet and conversation.

I found out people don't drink the water, in Tecopa, because it's hot springs water and full of minerals.  That the government tells them not to drink it.  I was about to fill my pink water bottle at a spigot when someone told me.  He gave me some of his bottled water from a huge bottle.  It was at a restaurant.  They were nice.

You come with two canes, then progress to one, and then you use no cane at all, someone told us about Tecopa. The power of the hot springs to cure people.  I got the feeling he had said it a lot.

We have a lot to do.  I have low energy and a cruddy attitude.  Or maybe it's just a slow attitude.


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