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Sunday, June 05, 2016


It's a Food Not Bombs cooking day.  Ming did some of the early work and let me sleep in.  Now I'm eating cereal with rice milk, which I've decided I kind of like.  It's better than the alternatives.  But I wonder if they make some without sugar.

Quitting sugar is going very well.  It's not a shock since we're using up our old sugared things.  But it's changing what I get at cafes.  And yesterday I went to a 7-11 to use their ATM and wanted a slurpee really bad.  It was so hot.  Not that I would normally get a slurpee--it was 108.  We resisted temptation and I felt good about that.

I've had a headache since yesterday.  The heat is kicking my ass.  It's cool in our house right now from the swamp cooler.  But 108 is not okay with me.  I feel like I'll never adjust.

Yesterday Ming went to the state museum while I hung out at the cafe.  I ordered the sweet potato tots for $3 and was served a huge amount.  They were pretty good too.  I had never had them before.

At Target yesterday I got some pretty pink paper for writing letters.  It's lined with pink lines.  It's superb.


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