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Wednesday, August 31, 2016


I've been thinking about Waldorf education a lot lately since picking up a copy of  Waldorf magazine that I didn't know was a Waldorf magazine.  It was beautiful to me, some of the articles, the ideas.

I was first introduced to Waldorf about 15 years ago when I thought about working as a substitute teacher at the Bishop Waldorf school, a high school for kids who had been in trouble, mostly.  I thought Waldorf education was cool but didn't want to sub though I took the CBEST but I took the CBEST for another reason.

Then I went to New York to see my ex-bestie whose family was a Waldorf family.  I went to a bracelet making workshop with a Waldorf teacher and it was great.  There was a cabin with no running water or electricity and I peed in the woods.

Then I was living in Sacramento and went to see the Steiner school for teaching teachers.  I liked the cow.  And I got farmer friends who use biodynamic farming.  And Waldorf was touching my life in all sorts of ways.

I'm not sure how I feel about it.  I have all sorts of feelings about it.  I still think if Ming and I ever had kids, I would want to homeschool or unschool them.  We would probably go the Waldorf route if we were going to do normal school.  But we're really not having kids, so it's not fruitful to think about it.

I imagine getting better and becoming a teacher again, or a tutor, or somehow in education again.  What I would need to do to find a college where I could teach adults again.  Where that might be.  If I really could do it again, if I was well.  If I could ever be happy that way.

All those teaching dreams.

Anyway, I am at San Leandro library while Ming helps his mom with her apartment.  I called her to tell her we were running late because Ming wanted coffee.  I was distracted in the tunnel.  But it wasn't too jammed up in there.


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