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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

love, life's sweetest reward

This morning we served the hungry.  I scooped jalapenos, attending to the eaters' needs for juice or no juice and quantity.

Then I helped with towels when the towel people had to leave for church.  We ran out of towels.

Some morning drama was when a small fight broke out (someone threw a bowl of food at someone else, and an innocent bystander got most of the food on his shirt) and when someone stole a bike.

Then we went for a walk, but it was chaos time for schoolkids, so we avoided the springy track, instead walking around our neighborhood.

Then we ran errands.  I got special popcorn, we bought some groceries, and Ming picked up Poetry for Dummies which he had requested at the library.

Now I'm drinking peach tea and contemplating rest.  Tomorrow we leave on a trip headed north.


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