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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

want vs need

We have been gone or on the go.  This morning I've relaxed, replied to emails, tried my new granola...  We're back to the old barely-functional heater in the living room.  You have to keep it on low or it trips the circuit breaker.  It's up at 63 degrees in here.  Oh boy.

Ming's out helping R do something food pickup related.  I hope he comes home soon.  I have some errands I need to run.  I need to go to Michael's, for example, for earring parts.  We need onions, sweet potatoes, mango tea.  Well, we don't really need mango tea.

A penpal once sent me a tag with the quote on it, "Why have bread and water when they can so easily be toast and tea?"  Is that a quote you've heard before hearing from me?  Maybe it's common in her country.

I hung the laundry.  I'm annoyed I have a mammogram today.  I hate doctors and procedures and tests.  I hate going to a place I've never been to before, not knowing what will happen.

Yesterday I clipped my fingernails out in the desert.  I like them short.


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