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Saturday, January 07, 2017


This day is flying by.  Today I photocopied a new zine.  First I served the hungry.  Then I dried dishes.  Then we had a meeting.

We're going on a trip on Monday.  We're getting ready.  Turns out the hotel we're staying at has bad reviews because it's got this timeshare aspect where they try to get you to watch this presentation that lasts three hours...  And there's a pushy concierge.  At least we're forewarned.  We're polite people.  But maybe we'll need to be rude.

Ming's got a problem with his foot.  He's afraid it's a bone spur.  He's getting an x-ray in a couple weeks.  He has all these medium-alarming health problems lately.

Well, I'm going to bind my zine now to the music of barking neighbor dogs.  Have a good day, friends.


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