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Wednesday, January 25, 2017


I worked on filing stuff and throwing stuff away.  I went through two boxes from the bedroom.  I made a huge mess.  It's still messy but I'm out of energy.

Sleepy.  Ming's gone out to the langar.  We were running errands and suddenly he remembered he told a friend he'd go, tonight.

My problems are papers, old letters I can't stand to throw away for whatever reason, old zines I don't know what to do with, postcards, stationery, and even stickers--I don't buy them, but people send them to me sometimes.  Stamps.  Newsletters from other organizations.  Art people sent me or that I made, a little.  Envelopes, used or new.

Then there's the books.  I declared a moratorium on buying books a while back.  Then somehow it ended.  Now I need to redeclare it.


  • At January 26, 2017 2:00 AM, Blogger Disillusioned Liam said…

    Hey Laura-Marie,

    I am funny about throwing stuff away. Recently I ripped up a load of letters. Then I still had the parts of letters and regretted ripping them. Now I have the ripped letters in a bag. Should I tape them back together or toss them?

    Like with letters I have sent you. I have a dream that one day when I am a famous writer you will say 'oh I have a stack of Liam letters' and maybe they will be a published and posh people will buy them as an illustrated book and put them on their coffee table like they do with John Lennon letters. I leave it upto you what to keep of mine.

    I watched a thing about a sand artist. He makes gemoetric patterns on beaches. I saw it on China Central Television. The essence of his art is ephemerality. I like that.

    Oh yesterday for the first time I met a bisexual sailor. He was scottish and beautiful with a cheeky grin. I liked him immensely. I told ash and ash understood.

    Liam x


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