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Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Mom asked me to help her understand a preschooler song "Love Is Nothing Till You Give It Away."

Love is nothing till you give it away,
give it away,
give it away.
Love is nothing till you give it away
and you end up having more.

Love's just like a shiny penny.
Keep it to yourself and you won't have many.
But if you spend it, you'll have plenty.
You end up having more.

Mom said it didn't make sense because that's not how money works.  If you spend your penny, you don't have any pennies left.

I said it makes sense to me because if you let your money come and go with an attitude of abundance, you find out you have more money after all.

I told Ming all this.  He seemed a bit suspicious.  The whole abundance idea is a very new agey, I think.  It's about attitude.  But if someone's truly in poverty, will a change of attitude help them have more money?  Maybe it's not about attitude--maybe it's about economics, exploitation, and capitalism's failure.

What's the truth?  I've been experimenting with giving more away, and I haven't come to any conclusions yet.  Seems to me that Ming and I are good with money and have enough though we live on little.  Anyone who lives within their means is rich, right?

Well, I won't get more personal than that.  I wish you all many pennies.


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