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Tuesday, February 07, 2017

sorry to Sufie

I've decided I listen to too much Sufjan Stevens.  He's so good.  But it was like I was living in his mind instead of my own mind.  So I'm branching out.

I was listening to the complete album Carrie & Lowell every day.  Plus "The Child With the Star on His Head" a few times a day.  Bad music diet.

This morning I saw my therapist.  She was very validating.  I gave her a zine once.  She never said anything about it.  Maybe she didn't like it?

Once I was talking to my friend R and he said his friend was having a baby and he would invite me to the baby shower.  I said, "No, that guy doesn't like me.  He doesn't want me at his baby shower."

R said, "I'm not going to listen to that nonsense!  He likes you!  Everybody likes you!"  It still makes me laugh, remembering this conversation.

So I'm listening to Sylvan Esso, who make me feel kind of hip and happy.


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