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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

not desert willow

Today we went to Red Rock.  I wanted to buy a special bird crossword book for my bestie from the giftshop.  Also we took a walk near Willow Springs.

We saw some amazing things.

1.  a tree in bloom, purple small flowers, electric purple--there was only one
2.  many caterpillar nests
3.  this pretty blooming plant with big leaves

Then we went to a different trailhead and Ming took a nap while I wrote a letter.  It was sweet.  Then he walked and I worked on another letter...

Next we went back to the visitor's center to ask a ranger about the three amazing things.  I had photos.

Then we had an ordeal.  I asked a volunteer, I guess he was, "Do you know about the caterpillars?"  He rudely dismissed me.

Then we asked a worker in the store.  She tried to help us.

We ended up asking a different volunteer, and she didn't know.  A butterfly, or a moth, she told us.  Not helpful.

Then we left and the store worker chased after us to tell us "milkweed."  I didn't think the caterpillars were called milkweed or were even on milkweed.

We tried to go to the ranger place, but the door said "employee entrance."  Ming wanted to knock but I was nervous.

Finally Ming talked to an administrator who took him to the ranger place, but the two rangers had left.  It was the lunch hour.  He gave her an email address and name on a business card.

To make a long story short, the administrator told Ming the tree was desert willow.  Then the nice email lady told us tent caterpillars and wild rhubarb.

Here's Ming with what the administrator told us was desert willow.  But it's not.  Sadface.

Then we went to Costco and Whole Foods and the credit union so Ming could deposit a check.  Oh and frozen yogurt.  We were out much of the day.


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