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Sunday, April 02, 2017

inappropriate to blog about

I'm flooded with memories that wouldn't be appropriate to blog about: the time we took D to my church for the annual putting up of the Christmas lights.  When we had snack time with Swami afterward and someone caught a glimpse of an expiration date, showing it to the rest of us.

It had expired months before, the pastries or whatever, and I thought, "Well maybe they were frozen for a while."  You never know.

And I'm thinking about a time we were at Earth Abides Catholic Worker Farm and M said some critters had invaded the quinoa and were we squeamish about that.  Yes, I was fuckin' squeamish.  No way in hell I'm intentionally eating critters.

See, is that good blogging?  No, it's too gross.  Sorry about that.

This morning I read some zines and did some writing.  Did some logisticating.  I guess that's not really a word, but we use it, in our family.

"How's the mango salsa?" I asked Ming.

"It's pretty good," he said.


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