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Thursday, March 30, 2017


Yesterday seemed like about three days.  There was the lodge morning, Ming jumping off the Stratosphere, and dinner with friends.

At the Stratosphere we waited a lot then watched Ming and SJ get strapped into jump suits.

The worker took a group shot of us before A arrived.

Then they went up the tower, and we non-jumpers went outside to the observation deck to watch them jump.

It's more of a step than a jump.

Ming went first.  He did great, but when he landed, he crumpled.  But he was okay.

SJ went second.  I don't remember her landing.

I was nervous the whole time, not like I thought they would be harmed, just empathetic to their nervousness.

Then A arrived and he told us how he's moving to Oregon to pick raspberries.

Then we went to this tattoo place where K has a free tattoo coming to him--he won a silent auction.  We looked around a little, looked in the book of tattoo photos.  I don't like most tattoo art.

Then we went to custard.  Ming got blueberry custard with blueberry topping.  A offered me some of his small banana split, and I declined because of the peanuts.

Then we left for home.  We were going to be late for dinner, so I called J.  It was fine.  We went to the Worker and looked at the garden.  It doesn't look like our garden at all.

Then G drove us all to dinner.  It was fun.  We ate and talked.  I was quiet because I was tired.  The dinner lasted a long time.  We all had cannolis and they had coffee too.  I got quieter and quieter as the night progressed.

They were talking about mementos.  J asked me what I thought.  I said, "They're crap--throw them away."  It got a laugh, but of course I have a billion of them.


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