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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Laura-Marie was curious

Working on the LV Catholic Worker job zine.  I've got some great ideas, all of a sudden.  I started talking with Ming and he gave me a great phrase.

This morning we served and met.  Then we took our friend King Ron to rent a car.  But that place was too expensive.  So we went to Jack in the Box to regroup--he wanted to look at rates on the internet on his phone.  He found a much better rate.  That Enterprise was in a casino.  I had to breathe the nasty casino air and almost had a kind of panic attack.

Or maybe more like a discomfort attack.  It was a step below panic, but I did need fresh air.

At Jack in the Box, King Ron told us they had a powerful soda machine that could give you most any kind of soda.  So I got a diet Dr Pepper.  Poison certainly, but I hadn't had Dr Pepper in years and felt curious.

Now I need to work on that zine more, but my desk is seriously a mess.  I need to make space.


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