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Friday, August 11, 2017


Ming's phone's not working.  He can txt but not call or receive calls.  He has no bars.  He has no service.

So he's on my phone with verizon getting tech support.

This morning: yoga, letter writing, errands to pick up giftcards for my nephew whose birthday is tomorrow.  I bought him a panda birthday card and took it out of the plastic sleeve and it reeks of chemically plasticy smells.  Yuck.

Tech support stresses me out.  Dunno why.  Ming's reading things off to the tech support person.  I'm afraid he needs a new phone.

I like the breeze.  Did I tell you we're going camping Sunday?  We bought some hippie bug spray at Costco.  We borrowed a tent from my brother.  It's a three-room tent.


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