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Monday, August 28, 2017


My friend was supposed to come over.  Over txt, he seemed like he was going to flake.  I msged him very honestly.  Ming and I went to bed and I was half-asleep when I got a txt at 8:14.  It was my friend saying "I'm here!" so we leapt up, got dressed, and greeted him.

We fed him dinner of soyrizo rice and later fresh pineapple.  He stayed talking with me, massaging me, hunting black widow spiders, and eating until 1:30 am.  It was a late night for me.

At 11-something he asked if he was staying too late.  I said no and that I liked listening to him.  I thought, "You only live once."

But it was not enough sleep two nights in a row so I have a slightly woozy feeling.  And we're going camping.  Holy smokes.  I have only camped with very good friends, before.  Tonight we're camping with two guys I'm not very close to.  I guess we're having a fire and making smores, is one of the plans.

Also the guys are hiking.  I need plenty to do on my own.


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