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Friday, March 09, 2018

strangely enough

This morning I'm not feeling well so I stayed home from the monthly Creech Air Force Base vigil.

Did some writing, eating cold pizza.  Ming should be home in about three hours.  I should start the laundry and everything.

Feel like taking a bath but there's no bathtub in our entire compound, strangely enough.

Tonight is political prisoner letter writing night, which Ming and I organize, so we can't skip it.


  • At March 15, 2018 1:04 AM, Blogger Amanda Laughtland said…

    How do you choose the prisoners to whom you will write? I have seen some websites with lists.

  • At March 16, 2018 8:39 AM, Blogger Laura-Marie said…

    We used to use this one service where they made a poster every month. but they stopped making it. so we take the previous year's poster (they're done by prisoner birthday) for that particular month and Ming checks all the addresses.


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