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Monday, January 28, 2019

dream nightclub dayclub

I dreamt of a goddess place, like a nightclub but for the day or night, where people went to dance. 

It was confusing because it was big and dark, and I lost the people I went in with.  Cell phones didn't work right.

I held a rattle, an orange plastic egg with beads in it, and a strange man gave me tips for how to use it better, for better rhythm.  There was drumming.  The strange man demonstrated, dancing.  I asked him if the rattles loved each other.  He thought I should use two.

The goddesses, reservations, magazines.  Meeting new people, confusion about objects, who the objects belonged to.

I woke up trying to plan how to improve the place, then realized it was a dream and I didn't need to do anything but wake up.


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