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Monday, May 22, 2006

developments of happy Monday

Woke up at 5:30 needing to write, and didn't go back to bed this time. It's a short story that came from my dream. Do I really want to enter that world? I'll type it tonight and have Erik read it. I'm trying to be like Borges, if anything, which is some of the only short stories I like. I mean, the only short stories I like that I read in a book. Not very emotional, though (mine). At the end, I say, "Well, what was the point of that?" I have a good feel for the characters, which is a pleasure, but I'm not sure about the meaningness-level.

Rainy here, but it's supposed to stop before afternoon, which is a bummer. We had the window open all night to hear it. Somehow the dishes didn't get washed all weekend, so the kitchen's a mess. I accidentally bought tahini with the salt in already which I didn't even know existed, and it ruins my plans for this vision of a sandwich I wanted to have with some sliced up kalmata olives in it--ruined because it would be too salty. So I have to wait until the next tahini purchase and see the label more carefully this time.

I think the tulips closed up a little in the night. I'm sad Erik's going back to work and it's a new week. Now I have to think about going to mutant tree for CSET on Thursday. He just told me Google has Sherlock Homles on it today. We have a thing for him.

Oh, well I finished making issue 37 last night. It's the longest yet at 36 pages, and I had to cut a bunch too that will go in next issue. I'm really pleased with it. But I can't believe how expensive it will be to make. I see now why people charge. I got an email this morning from a distro wanting some of #35, which is nice, but I think I'm out, so I'll have to make another run, and I'm not sure I want to. Confused.


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