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Sunday, May 18, 2008


This afternoon I realized that I forgot a doctor's appointment. I was supposed to see my psychiatrist Saturday morning and totally forgot. It was on my calendar and everything. This has never happened to me before. I guess I need to call my mental health place tomorrow and try to get another appointment.

Today we went to the downtown farmers market again, the one under the freeway. Didn't find tomatoes this time, but we got plenty of asparagus. We paid $2.50 a bunch, and later found another booth charging only $1.50 a bunch. But the people we bought the $2.50 asparagus from gave us an extra bunch for free, which was nice.

Lately I've been writing things for other people's zines. I was asked to write something for my friend Katie H's forthcoming zine called something along the lines of The House I Grew Up In. So I did that. Then I was asked to write a "first" piece for my friend Mike Baker's zine, so I did that too. (Haven't heard back from him since sending it--maybe he doesn't think it's good enough, which would be okay--I tried.) And I was asked to write a depression piece for my friend Dumpster Mouse's zine Against the Flood #2, and I did that too. It feels good to be involved in other people's projects and to help. I know if I was doing a comp zine, I would be worried about getting other people to contribute. Next up, my friend Carrie McNinch asked me to write something for her food zine Food Geek. That one will be hard. I need to read my old Food Geeks to remind myself what kinds of things are in there.

Today was cooler--high 90s as opposed to low 100s. I appreciate it--much more comfortable.

I want to say something about the Obama speech in Portland that attracted 75,000 people. But I don't know what I want to say. I guess that I noticed. Erik is quite the Obama fan. So it's good news, at our place.


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