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Saturday, April 14, 2012

pancake day

This morning was pancake day at Catholic Worker. We got up at 4:40 to get there early. I ate yogurt sweetened with agave nectar, something I've been eating a lot of lately, as well as M's carrots.

What did I do this morning? At the serving site, I dished eggs on thick paper plates. I said a lot of good mornings. There was also sausage, pancakes of course, and potatoes mixed with sausage gravy. And juice, and tea, and syrup, and condiments like salsa.

I heard that about 200 people were served. There was some leftover food which is unusual, but it was raining a little bit, so that may be why fewer people came by.

Then we went back to the Catholic Worker house. Someone washed dishes very quickly, and I was the rinser, which I enjoyed, dousing the huge pots in the rinse water, setting the dishes on a counter behind me for high school students to dry.

Then I was waiting for a ride and dropped in on the tour J was giving. He's tall with dreadlocks and briskly purposeful yet has kind eyes, and I loved what he said. He explained the Catholic Worker movement, gave some history of the house, told us about Christian anarchism, talked about getting arrested and civil disobedience, seeing people as individuals, Catholic Worker philosophy vs institutional, Sacred Peace Walk--he pointed me out to the group as a Catholic Worker, and I felt a good feeling inside that I was included. I'm really not a Catholic Worker, but I liked that he saw me that way.

Later I heard him explain the pro-life stance, which I am totally opposed to, but I'm willing to stand in a kitchen and listen.


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