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Sunday, April 08, 2012

Peace Camp

This weekend is Peace Camp reunion. It's taking place in the desert across the street from the Nevada Test Site. Today I went there with M and our friend Pegasus. We met many people who were new to me. Some kids were having an Easter egg hunt, and it was fun to see people celebrate the holiday. We were invited to join but only ate a little candy. I had a jelly bean that was actually good.

We talked for a long time with an elder and his family. He led us on a walk in the desert where we saw art. He gave us directions to the thing we wanted to see most: Shadow Children, a sculpture artwork about child victims of nuclear tragedies. With a lot of effort, we found it, though Pegasus had turned back already. I wish I had a picture to show you--maybe I'll get a picture later. It's truly beautiful and very sad. I saw a lizard on the art, but it didn't look different from regular fence lizards I've seen all my life--maybe smaller.

M and I went into some tunnels that are filled with anti-nuclear graffiti. I want to post pictures of that too. So stay tuned.


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