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Saturday, April 07, 2012

passover seder at Congregation P'nai Tikvah

Today M and I went to a seder. It was my first one. I expected the salty water and bitter herbs--I had heard about that somewhere. I knew it had to do with Moses and the oppression of Jews by a pharaoh and the Jews leaving somewhere, Exodus-ing.

M paid $100 for us to go, $50 each. I thanked him, but I don't feel like he's been adequately thanked. Maybe I should write a thank you letter. If you're reading, M--thanks again.

So he wrote the check and we got the tickets and went into a large room at UNLV. There were many big round tables. We were a little late, but it hadn't started yet. The cantor seemed really nice and was funny though he self-deprecated sometimes.

I wanted a really traditional seder so I could see how it's supposed to go. Then again, I don't have any dress up clothes with me, and wearing jeans to a traditional seder is probably a no no. They had a traditional haggadah in a book that was falling apart as well as a strange childish one in the style of Dr Seuss. We skipped a lot of the elements, like there was no handwashing at all.

Our tablemates left early. There was ceremony with some small instances of eating but not the main meal until toward the end of the seder.

I liked the bitter herbs. I didn't like the parsley dipped in salt water, but it wasn't too bad. M and I are both vegetarians, and the side dishes we were able to eat were mostly sweet. I like sweet desserts but not sweet other foods, and one really sweet carrot portion I almost gagged on.

It was good to do something new, be in a room full of Jews, see the different kippahs, hear Hebrew.

Then M and I got lost and ended up deciding to drive to Hoover Dam, sharing beautiful conversation. At the dam, we were turned away. I guess you can't go over it at night? M said something about fear of terrorism. Oh, and we went to Arizona on accident.

Now friends are watching a movie in the livingroom and I am waiting for it to be done so I can go to sleep. Sweet dreams, world.


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