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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

block party

I should have taken pictures of the things we drew in chalk on the street at National Night Out.  We walked to Broadway Soul Food, a restaurant.com gift certificate in my list pocket, but it's closed Tuesdays.  So we were thinking about going to Gunther's, but we happened upon a block party.  I met some interesting people.  My favorite moment was when the bike parade arrived to much cheering.  I laughed to see the bike with wings. 

We ate vegetarian baked beans and other good foods.  It was a free dinner.  I had crackers, a mini chocolate cupcake, champagne grapes.

Then I drew a picture of a clock then a glass of red liquid which symbolized time & tomato juice, an important concept of mine, from an important letter someone wrote me 20 years ago. 

Ming drew a person's face, but the eyes looked like breasts and the nose looked like a belly and the mustache looked like a hula skirt.  Just trust me.  Then he added feet and hands, and a new friend handed me a piece of yellow chalk and told me to add hair.  I asked Ming's permission then added hair.  Then Ming added a sign--the drawn person was carrying a drawn sign saying "National Night Out."

Someone explained the event was supposed to show we're not afraid to be outside with our neighbors, that our neighborhoods are okay places to be.


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