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Friday, January 04, 2013


Yesterday we went to an interesting cafe where I got jasmine milk boba tea, which was delicious and fun.  I had not had boba tea in more than ten years.  I could have gotten a red bean milkshake, so maybe if we ever go there again, I'll get that.

We noticed person after person enter the cafe, put coins into a cup, pick up a newspaper written in an Asian language, and leave the cafe.

I saw two old friends, which was great, though I was nervous.  I liked the conversation, laughter, a gift, and tattoos.  Then Ming and I went to an amazing museum. I loved the garden upstairs on the roof with doves, though afterward Ming told me that the roof garden was actually closed.  I told him they didn't do a good job closing it.

The most surreal moment of the day was entering the tea room and seeing the beautiful, beautiful dog.  I was so museum-disoriented.  Everything seemed hyper real and at the same time unreal.  We watched a movie about a talking bird.  No one exhibit stands out to me as supreme.  The sum of exhibits had an overall affect on me.

At first I resisted the museum.  I didn't like the small, dark spaces.  I mean, I liked them in a way, but I got claustrophobic.  Sometimes it was scary.  It was creepy.  I heard little kids cry and want to leave!  (The dead mice on toast display stands out to me as something little kids might not like.)

Oh, but my favorite thing was probably the bell wheel.  But I hesitate to say favorite things.  Anyway, ten stars out of ten.

I wanted to go to the Hari Krishna temple afterward, but we needed to drive a long way home.  I was absolutely charmed by someone's Sanskrit hat and wanted one bad!  We were at a cafe near the museum, waiting for the museum to open, and I saw someone wearing a blue Sanskrit hat walk by.

I'm trying to figure out on what occasions I would wear my Sanskrit hat and what Swami would think of it.  He would probably think it was stupid.


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