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Saturday, January 19, 2013

food news

I bought some vegan butterscotch pudding at the co-op.  It's pretty good.  It was on sale a dollar off.

I also bought some skyr.  I read about it online being cheese, actually, because it's got rennet in it, but this skyr at the co-op didn't have rennet.  I tried it and it was just like Greek yogurt even though it's from Iceland.  I guess the practice of straining yogurt is not just a Mediterranean thing.

I got something I think of as the most delicious food ever.  Though a perfect orange is pretty great.  This is some chocolate from Trader Joe's with coconut caramel in it.  The caramel is very thin and has an exquisite flavor. 

The animal crackers we got at a food giveaway a month ago are still good, as good as they ever were!


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