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Thursday, January 17, 2013

ant ideas

Today we saw our friend P.  We sat in his friend's backyard in the sun and talked.  It was 62 degrees out, which I correctly guessed.  He was reading a book by Neil Young.  We talked about his time as a ranger at Mesa Verde.  He told us about the people who fainted on his tour. 

Once when I was teaching at UCI, I was walking to class and a girl who was walking in front of me started to faint.  I caught her.  She lay down for a while, and she called her boyfriend on her cellphone.  Her boyfriend seemed like a total putz. 

I have this chocolate my mom gave me for Christmas.  It's Godiva, a brand I'd never had before.  It's 85% and so delicious.  Ming spotted an ant and told it, "Go home to your brethren and tell them there's no food here.  All there is is just white paint."  I decided to finish my chocolate before the ant found it.  But maybe there's not enough sugar to interest the ant.


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