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Thursday, February 14, 2013

hard work

Yesterday I tutored my new literacy learner for the first time.  (My last one disappeared.)  I'm teaching him how to read.  He's too advanced for the level one books we have.  He reads the stories easily. 

It's hard for me to concentrate so carefully for that long.  Ever since I started tutoring it's been that way.  I was a writing tutor at UC Santa Barbara.  It took all of my mental energy, and afterward I needed to do nothing for a while.

After I tutored, we ran a few errands and finally got a much-sought vegetable brush so I can brush these homegrown carrots that are really dirty.   

Then we went to Pinkberry for a Gender Health Center fundraiser.  We ate delicious frozen yogurt and saw friends.  I got overstimulated--it was really loud in there.  Came home and lay in bed in the dark for a while. 

Art therapy's going well.  Yesterday we expressed anger and fear in our art.  It was hard work too.


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