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Saturday, April 13, 2013

falls, Solvang, picking strawberries together

Yesterday Ming and I went for a walk at the park.  Then we drove to this falls where I like to meet my best friend E.  She and I walked to the falls, and it was flowing well.  The walk is beautiful, through oak and bay laurel forest.  I picked up some bay laurel from the ground and put it on my head to crown me.  We had good conversations.

Then we found Ming and went together to Solvang.  We went to this hippie grocery store that has a deli and ate delicious foods.  I had some fresh apple juice with ginger and lemon.  Then we walked around Solvang, looking at plants, not shopping at the stores.  We wanted some aebleskiver but couldn't find any.

Then we went back to the park and parted ways with E.  On the way back to my parents' house, we stopped by this organic farm for strawberries, but you could pick your own for three bucks a basket, so we picked strawberries.  It was Ming's first time, and my first time since I was 2.  It was really fun to have this authentic experience together. 


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