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Monday, May 06, 2013

Gaya's River Feast

We're singing "Gaya's River Feast" again for Buddha this year, and I love that song, and I googled it to learn more about it or find the lyrics for you or anything, but the only hit I got was for my own blog, in quotes, and without quotes I was getting sites for a riverfest.  WTF, google thinking it's smarter than me.  I hate the way I try to look up vegan recipes and it shows me vegetarian recipes.  Sorry, but there's a big difference.  If I wanted vegetarian, I would ask for that.  I know I can overcome these problems with minus signs or going into advanced, but I would rather it work well for me without having to do special things.  I think in the old days google didn't do that.  But maybe I'm misremembering.

Oh welcome to me
was that day of spring.
I saw the Buddha
teaching righteousness supreme,
saw that great light,
teacher of multitudes,
he who had won
the highest
light of all.
For shining splendor pure,
immune of mind.
From whence,
from whom
shall come fear now?
Ay, but I'm free
from rebirth
and death
and all that dragged me back
is hurled away.
Oh welcome to me
was that of spring.

Those are the lyrics to my best recollection, and the "from whence, from whom shall come fear now?" gives me goosebumps.  What a beautiful song!


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