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Saturday, May 18, 2013

happy birthday

A good friend gave me a gift card to Safeway, and we hadn't shopped there much before, but now we are shopping there more.  Today we looked at their salsa and they didn't have any green kind and I was amazed. 

But we got some tofu, two types of soy chorizo, bananas, raspberries, and some red salsa that looks okay but I really wanted green to put on potatoes.  Our main neighbor gave us some potatoes.

And we gave him that oregano, and he's using it on his BBQ chicken.  Ming wanted me to tell you that. 

Today is the birthday of some of my most loved and important friends.  One is 78, one is 35, and one is...33.  I am with these three friends in my heart.  The 35-year-old is camping in the redwoods and brought my zines with her to read today so I would be there with her.  And a long time ago I sat in a redwood grove writing her a love letter because she asked for love on facebook and I was too shy to wax on facebook.  And she ended up having a bad allergic reaction to some hairdye and was very sick, so the letter was extra helpful during a dark time.

Here are the lyrics to "Happy Birthday" by the Innocence Mission.

When you wake up sun will shine.
We will not go under any cloud.
Let balloons go up in town,
ring out every bell.
Happy birthday, beautiful,
all the birds of this day
sing a song, sing a song.

Dream of trains carrying you
through the state parks with the cherry flowers.
When you wake up it will be
the beginning of the world.
Happy birthday, beautiful,
in the fields of this day
hear a song, hear a song.

Oh, undeserved sweetness and light,
stay by my side.
We will go out in the morning now,
a crown of maple leaves, a crown of flowers
circling your sweet head.

Happy birthday, beautiful.
In the streets of this day,
play a song, play a song.


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