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Thursday, May 16, 2013

the least we could do is some garland

Oops, it's Thursday.  So much has happened.  This morning we were up early, and we drove to midtown where we took a walk then gardened.  I dug up some yarrow so we could plant some carrots.  The yarrow, oregano, and borage are taking over as if they're on...steroids.  The garden which looked so vibrant a couple months ago now looks crowded and messy.  But we're working on it.  I watered some.  I ripped out some borage that was yellowing.  I ripped out some weeds.  Ming planted some buckwheat. 

We went to the grocery store so Ming could return an energy drink that got a hole in it.  It kind of exploded in the cabinet.  And we bought delicious chewy bagels.  Just two.  Mine was chia seed.  I never had that kind before.

And we went to a food giveaway.  And we made beans.  They were government pinto beans.  They turned out pretty delicious though not falling-apart-done the way I like them.

We have some oregano in a blue vase.  It rained on us a little this morning.  Food giveaway was indoors, a claustrophobic's nightmare.  We had to stand in this narrow hallway for a long time.  It was just bad.  But we got a bunch of expired rice that's good and some applesauce and mushrooms, a bell pepper, some tiny peaches.  Oh, English muffins.  "English muffin days are here again," I told Ming as we walked home. 

We brought our cart, Tinkley.  I told Ming that we should decorate Tinkley and suggested LED lights.  It would be like for Burning Man, if there were food banks at Burning Man.


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