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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

friend love

We had fun with our friend.  She had some ideas for us about what to plant in our garden.  She suggested sunchokes in a bucket since they get out of hand.  What else did she suggest?  Carrots and radishes.  Even if you don't eat the carrots, their flowers attract bees. 

We need ideas of what to plant that doesn't require constant attention and water since we don't get to that garden more than two or three times a week.

We took out some borage today that was starting to yellow.  I was worried Ming would piss off the bees, but none stung him.  I ate some borage flowers and picked a few weeds. 

Then we shared some food.  J brought homemade sauerkraut.   It was good!  She also brought sourdough bread made with garbanzo bean flour.  We ate some with honey.  She also brought garbanzo beans seasoned with mustard and dill.  All was delicious!

Then we went to a cafe.  Then we walked around a farmers market.  Then we walked around a cactus garden at the capitol.  I showed her the book I'm reading, Making Home.  She showed me a book she's reading.  We talked about magnolia flowers, making stuff, and doing things.  I gave her a small plastic container with a screw on lid and some colored pencils I didn't need.

It was great, and I love our friend.


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