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Saturday, June 08, 2013

miracle from Florida, luchador, quest for pistachio butter

Holy crap, it's supposed to be 111 today. 

Yesterday we went to San Francisco to see my old friend MM.  I was meeting her in person for the first time.  I was so excited.  She is a miracle from Florida.  We had vegan Japanese food then ice cream and visited Needles and Pens. 

Then Ming and I went to Berkeley to my favorite stationery store Elmwood so Ming could find a graduation card for his younger son who is graduating high school in one week.  We went to a cafe, Espresso Roma, and I wrote a letter to AL.  Ming started reading Making Home and loves it like I do.  Then we wrote a postcard to our friend BB together and talked. 

Oh, in the Mission District we also went to a Mexican arts and crafts store to buy Ming a silver ring.  It matches mine.  We paid $20 cash to the nice worker.  Someone came inside looking for a mirror.  He was wearing a blue and gold Mexican wrestling mask.

Today we're supposed to go to a work day at the community garden.  It's too hot, and I am overstimulated from yesterday, but we've missed quite a few. 

We stopped at this fruit stand for pistachio butter on our way home from the Bay Area, but they were closed.  I am on a quest for pistachio butter after seeing it, wanting it, and not buying it a few weeks ago.


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