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Saturday, June 22, 2013


Today something interesting happened.  But I'm too tired to remember what it was.  Well, I know that Ming, I, and the younger of my two nieces performed the Bumblebee song for my parents.  We held hands and sang joyfully.

We went to Morro Bay.  Ming and I went to a shell shop and looked at the shells from all over the world.  I remembered having some sea urchin spines that I kept in an Altoids tin, and they were so fun to play with.  I don't know what happened to them.

We had some staring contests.  We ate lunch at a restaurant by the water.

Oh, before that we went to Montana de Oro.  We bothered a hermit crab.  We saw starfish and anemones.  "I touched an enemy," my nephew said to my dad.  They had conflict about my nephew's shoes.

Ming had a magnifying glass with him and inspected our rings.  He saw the 92.5 stamped inside our rings.  Ming also had binoculars.  I think they were together.

We talked about how spectacle, spectacals, spectator, and inspector must all be related, but how does specter fit in there, like a ghost?  We passed through Montano de Oro's eucalyptus forest.

I hoped it would hit me, but sorry I can't remember the interesting thing.  I think it was about food.


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