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Sunday, July 07, 2013

newly expanded bumblebee song lyrics

Yesterday I had a 10 am appointment at the free clinic I go to, but I didn't get seen until after noon.  We weren't out of there until 1.  So we missed choir practice.

We were going to be early for bread pickup, so we went to a drugstore for the fun of it.  We looked at hair things and nailpolish.  We saw this fuzzy nailpolish--I mean, it makes your nails fuzzy, like cloth.  "Who would want fuzzy nails?" I asked.

This morning at 10 we're giving a tour of our community garden to friends.

And that's the haps.  Ming's doing laundry, and I need to make some fruit salad with the very ripe fruits we have.

Oh, I wanted to tell you we've been playing cards with Ming's great fossil cards.  And we have more verses of the bumblebee song.

Once upon a time
I went to Mt Shasta the town.
I saw the most beautiful bumblebee
that ever could be found.
I said to my darling,
"Let's make a bumblebee song."
He said if he knew it
he would sing along.

Oh Bumblebee!  Oh Bumblebee!
I want you to bumble with me.
Oh Bumblebee!  Oh Bumblebee!
I love you--don't fly into my tea.

Once upon a time
I went to Mt Shasta the town.
My lover wanted to climb Black Butte,
a volcano short and round. 
He'd been wanting to climb it
for seven or eight years,
and when he finally bagged the peak,
it brought him to tears.


Once upon a time
I went to Mt Shasta the town.
It was full of crystals,
for which it was renowned.
I wrote a letter to Abby--
I sat at a cafe.
And this is how I spent my lover's
happy hiking day.


Once upon a time
we went to Mt Shasta the town.
We bought some fossil playing cards,
an investment that was sound.
We like the bugs in amber--
we like the trilobites best--
the coral and the urchins
and the ginkgo and the rest.



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