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Thursday, July 18, 2013

two free tomatoes etc

Today we had to be out all day because of work on our landing and stairs.  Various and wondersome things happened, while we were out, but I wasn't able to come home to document them, so they are lost to the winds of time.  Well, I gave a dollar to someone needing bus money near Colonial Heights, but then someone else asked me for money and I didn't have any.  I wrote letters, bought orange nailpolish with Safeway giftcard credit, and threw some things away.  For example, I had some Chinese watermelon seeds in my backpack's front mesh pocket for almost a year, and it was finally time for me to say goodbye to them.  Oh, workers were giving away tomatoes at McKinley Library (yes, we went library hopping--we are that kind of geek) and I took two.  And we went to the SPCA thriftstore where I got some very cute earrings of little metal faces, two postcards, a panda card, and some humpback whale notepaper.  The end.


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