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Monday, September 02, 2013

public transit hell and SF Zine Fest

Yesterday: San Francisco Zine Fest and public transit hell.  It's because the Bay Bridge is closed so no one can get into the city without taking public transit so it was packed.  We had to wait for a long time for N toward Ocean Beach too.  Then once we caught an N, it skipped some stops and the people behind us were freaking out and saying bad words.  I was having trouble with their feelings.

We went with our friends HR and M.  We got to talk with them a lot, and it was good to be with them.

The fest itself I was not too hungry for since I feel like we were just at Portland Zine Symposium.  But I traded for a few zines, and it was pretty fun.

Today we went on a fruit run / jelly bean run.  We also got peanutbutter, strawberry and blackberry preserves, bread, fake sausages for tonight's BBQ the neighbor invited us to.  It's rainy, which I love.  So maybe the showers passed or maybe the BBQ is off.


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