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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

poblano mushroom garlic rice

Hey, those poblanos tasted great!  We ate them in mushroom garlic rice.  They added a kick.  And I think chiles are really good for you. 

At first no chiles grew, and we thought the bees weren't doing their job, that maybe we should hand pollinate, but then we never got to it.  Then there were suddenly about 12 chiles growing.  No, more than that.  About 15.

Today we're going to the bay area to see Ming's kids and to be show & tell items for a Sacred Peace Walk talk. It will be a late night, so pray for us, if you pray.

I bought a little pumpkin at Trader Joe's and it's so cute.  But the acorn squash is too.

I never told you I made pinto beans in Ming's crockpot.  They turned out great but not like my mom's, maybe because of lower heat.

Last night Ming and I both dreamt of stolen or lost backpacks.  Strange, isn't it?


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