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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

10,000 words

1.  A truck in the parking lot has one of my favorite bumper stickers on it: Jesus Loves Wikileaks.  I keep seeing it and wanting to take a picture for you.  But that would seem really weird.

2.  Yesterday we went to Pushkin's Bakery.  It's a gluten-free place.  We got vegan cupcakes--they were $3.25 each.  Yikes!  I had the barracuda, which is all chocolate.  Ming had the espresso.  They were good.  But I'm wondering what they use instead of wheat flour.  I should have asked.  But I don't know if we'll go back.  The worker there did not know gelatin is not vegetarian.

3.  I have been annoyed. 

4.  But I met my word goal again today.  I'm at more than 10,000 words, which I would like to celebrate.  But I don't know how.


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