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Sunday, December 15, 2013


This morning we had breakfast with friends at Fox & Goose.  I don't think they give out free postcards anymore.  It was fun.  One of our friends drank beer.  If I drank, I would have had a hot buttered rum.  But I don't drink.

Then we went for a little walk and dropped off some stuff for E at his place.  That was fine.  We bought him some instant backpacking meals from REI and some tamarind candy.

Then we went to the Grange for a holiday fest.  We talked to someone selling musical instruments.  We talked to our friend's mom who makes quilts.  We talked to a friend and another friend who are artists.  We met someone who told us about Nicaragua a lot and showed us pictures.  That was fun too.  We bought a little whistle.

Now we're eating rice and taking it easy.


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