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Saturday, December 07, 2013


Woke up from a nightmare about zombies and didn't want to go back to sleep right away.  So I'm up.

I wanted to tell you about our trip to Red Star International Groceries in Elk Grove two days ago.  I was amazed by the interesting foods there.  We bought some dried gandules, my favorite bean.  I had never seen them dried, only canned.  We bought some delicious tamarind candy in a cute little transparent plastic box.  We bought a snack made of corn for Ming.  It was fun.  But they didn't have what we went there for: harissa and berbere spice.

Later that day we went to Whole Foods where there were six different types of harissa!  But no berbere spice.  I guess fewer people want to make Ethiopian food.

It's okay.  I'll order some berbere off the internet.

I have a new idea for how to make Erik and Laura-Maire Magazine anthology.  It's to eliminate as much material as possible and make four sections of it.  I was confused about how to do that layout, but I think this will simplify things.


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